How to Use a Market Survey to Generate Leads

Using market survey methods is an effective way to generate leads. And that makes sense. After all, how can you look for leads if you don’t know who your leads are?

But if you’re using this method, you need to use it right. So here are some ways to generate leads using marketing surveys. 

Give a Market Survey To your Existing Customers

If you’re looking for your target market, the first place to look is your existing customers.

If you have an e-commerce website, you’ve probably already met members of your ideal customer base. You may even have a customer database that features email and home addresses of your customers.

If you have this information, you shouldn’t just keep it locked away. Especially when you can use it to connect to more customers.

Instead of just leaving your information locked away in an excel spread sheet as if it’s the ark of the covenant at the end of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, send your customers surveys.

You may ask them about their interests, income, needs, or lifestyle. Analyzing this information, it’s almost impossible that you won’t notice a few patterns.

This is what you’re looking for: a profile of who’s going to buy from you so you know who to market to. Because your existing customers have already purchased your products, you know who the target market is for whatever you’re selling.

Survey Customers of Similar Products

Let’s say you either don’t have an extensive customer database or you’re launching a new product for a different target market.

You probably want to know how to do a survey on this new batch of potential customers. Luckily, there is a solution.

There are plenty of people who have bought products from your competitors. And while it may seem rude to steal customers from other sellers, all is fair in the world of business.

Use social media or other databases to find people interested in certain types of products. Then survey them to see what they’re looking for and if they’d be interested in buying a competing item.

If so, you can figure out what the product you’re launching needs, or how to turn the products you’re selling into competitive winners on the market.

Find People Who Like Your Pages on Social Media

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing tools in the world. But while people often use it to reach people who don’t know about them yet, we think it’s valuable for people who need to see your survey.

If somebody likes your page on social media, they’ve been exposed to your products or brand in some capacity. Maybe they’re loyal customers, maybe they’re impulse likes. 

Either way, there’s a lot you can learn from them. 

If you send a market survey out to your fans, you can learn more about the journey that brought them to this point and what motivates them today.

This can help you learn how to market to new customers along with making sure your Facebook fans are consistent leads.

Personalize Survey Requests for People Who Show Interest

Any market survey is useless if nobody takes it.

The best way to get people to not take your survey is if they think it’s spam. Either your market survey ends up in the spam folder or you end up with a disinterested and annoyed customer hitting the unsubscribe button.

Either way, this isn’t exactly what business owners want.

Use personalized language to avoid being seen as a spammer. One great way to do this is reminding people why you’re getting in touch with them.

For instance, if you have somebody’s email because they contacted you about potentially buying a product and opted not to, you should lead with that in your email.

If somebody has been a loyal customer for months, lead with that.

It may be difficult to do this, and nobody would say it’s quicker. But putting the extra time and effort into your market survey is the best way to keep your customers interested.

Run Social Media Ads After Profiling Your Target

After you’ve figured out who your target customer is, the next step is reaching them. Luckily, social media means it’s never easier to put your target customer in your crosshairs.

If your target customer is a woman in her early 30s living in a major city, you can find them on Facebook. If your target customer is a man living in the middle of nowhere who loves to watch Ice Road Truckers, you can find them on Facebook.

Overall, this makes it significantly easier to find customers now than at any other time in history. Once you know who to advertise to, there’s no excuse not to turn knowledge to lead generation using social media.

Use SEO for Common Problems

Another thing you’ll learn from marketing surveys are the common problems that drove your customers to seek you out.

Using SEO and keyword research is a great way to turn the information gained with a market survey into real results.

Part of this is finding out what the problem is, but the most important thing to do with SEO is finding out what people search to solve it.

It can be incredibly ineffective to use the wrong search terms. If you do good SEO with bad keywords, you can end up as the top result for a bad keyword and significantly lower for a good one.

So make sure you know what you, and your customers, are talking about before engaging in keyword research.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to use market survey techniques to generate leads. What’s harder is doing this as efficiently as possible.

We’re one of the best internet marketing teams on the planet. With a combination of SEO and PPC advertising techniques, we can turn both bad and average marketing strategies into major success stories.

If you want to bring your internet marketing strategy to the next level, contact us.

If you’d rather your business not make money, that’s your decision. 

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